A wonderful weekend

I don’t work Fridays so this gives us an extra day over the Bank Holiday which meant we were able to get to E&Ms without encountering too much traffic, spend a lovely couple of days with them before heading back on Sunday, beating the return traffic and still giving us Monday to do other stuff.

Helped by the fact that its been lovely, bright, sunny and warm, it has really started to feel like summer is coming.

We have now washed and put the winter dressing gowns and bed linen away in favour of the lighter ones, and I’ve even ventered so far as to check out the state of shorts in the cupboard.

Having spent the weekend in excellent company, being fed watered and walked and entertained, and knowing that there’s an extra day to relax before heading to work, I actually do feel quite rested.

I’ve researched a couple of things I want to do and taken some advice on how to achieve them, and have plans already being actioned.

I do need to check messages and other stuff as I’ve not responded to any emails over the weekend, but that shouldn’t take long. Then I intend to prepare breakfasts and lunches for work, then read and relax for the rest of the day.

Summer seems to be on its way with a good forecast for the rest of this week so time to shake off the drear of winter and a wet spring. Time to up my game and get on.


One thought on “A wonderful weekend

  1. Yes indeed. Was also wondering what to wear for our day out today. We currently have a restricted wardrobe with some summer things still in storage! Enjoy your day of rest, we’re excited about our day today 😊😉🌞


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