Sneaking out to the shops

A meeting that was scheduled for my day off got cancelled so afforded me a free afternoon.  I had plenty of administrative tasks to do and I managed to complete a couple of them before I decided the car really needed a wash. I had been thinking that for a week or two.  I decided that going to get the car washed was a good enough use of time and distraction from doing what I could and should be doing otherwise.

The traffic on the way to the carwash seemed to be backed up and I eventually noticed that there was roadworks in the way.  Eventually, I let my black but grubby vehicle get smothered in multi-coloured soapy stuff, then whipped by revolving brushes that would probably strip your skin off.  Just as I was about to exit the carwash, one of the cloth brushes that sweeps from side to side to help get rid of water droplets, got caught under the rear windscreen wiper and seemed to rip the blade off.  I would have to ask C to check it out when I got home.

I had also been thinking about buying some different coloured jeans for a while.  I had black, dark blue, purple, lilac and white but fancied some brighter colours, like orange or red or a lighter blue.  I had been looking online for a while but either the shop didn’t have the range of colours or they didn’t have my size in stock.

As I was out and about I decided to drive up to the big Next store and have a look around. They must have had their summer stock in now and they may have the different coloured jeans I’d been looking for. Sadly, not.  They did have lighter blue coloured ones, so I bought a pair of those.  I also bought a bunch of other stuff too.  Stuff that I didn’t really need but it looked nice.  I hadn’t mentioned to C that I was going to go there so on the way home tried to think of how I could sneak a big bag of clothes in unnoticed.

C was on the computer when I reached home. I tentatively held the bag so that it was out of view but I’m sure he must have heard it rustle.  I gave up trying to hide it and just put it on the ironing pile and sorted through it later.  He never said anything.  He probably just thought “what had she bought now”.  At least its my own money and my own purchasing.

I should go through the cupboards and wardrobe again and have a clear out, before I run out of room again!


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