If you had £1 million

What would you do if you suddenly came into a lot of money? No, I haven’t suddenly come into vast amounts of wealth but this is a question I’ve been hearing a lot recently.  I often hear competitions on the TV or radio where the entrant has an opportunity to win £1m and when asked what would they do with that amount of money the contestant usually spouts about holidays, paying off the mortgage and giving some to family. I feel although that might satisfy an immediate want or need, it doesn’t truly answer the question. What do you do after you’ve had the holiday, paid the mortgage, bought a fancy new car, or gave some away?  Surely there would still be some cash left over and the bank interest alone would be enough to live off if you were sensible.

How you came about the £1m would depend on what you could actually do with it.  If you won it from the National Lottery or premium bonds, its tax free, but if you were left it as part of a legacy, there is inheritance tax to be paid.  If you came by it via earnings then income tax at the higher rate would apply. 

Then there’s interest rate on savings.  If you banked the whole £1m at interest rates were, let’s say 4%, you could earn £3,333 per month in compound interest if you didn’t touch it.  If you lived off of the interest then the full compounded rate wouldn’t accumulate.  And don’t forget you’ll have to pay tax on the interest.  All terribly confusing.

I have occasionally thought if I were to suddenly come into a lot of money I would probably do the same as most people and have a nice holiday and get some work done on the house.  I don’t really want to move, although not a massive fan of our three-storey house, I’ve got accustomed to it, and it’s in an excellent location. I love my car so I wouldn’t bother buying a new one.  I would give some to R to get herself set up as she’d want to be.  I have simple pleasures and don’t have extravagant hobbies, so I’d have a lot left over.

I have thought that I might give some to charity, but which one?  There are so many deserving organisations that could benefit from an injection of funds.  I have also thought about giving some to my work colleagues to make improvements in their working environment by getting them state of art equipment and modernising their operations; something that is difficult to do in the NHS. I could leave a donation to a #bellringing society but they tend to have enough funds for their purposes as it is and often receive legacies that they struggle to decide what to spend it on.

I would give up work, but need something constructive to occupy my mind.  I do a lot of #bellringing administrative activities and would be able to invest more time to those.  I would consider doing another degree course, and occasionally some health activity; join a gym or yoga classes.

I think I’m better off by not entering such frivolous competitions, and much happier as I am to be honest with all the issues with tax and interest and what you can and can’t give away.

What would you spend £1m on?


One thought on “If you had £1 million

  1. Pretty similar to you really. The charities question is always difficult. Considering how much tax one has to pay I find it annoying that there is a need for so many charities, let alone which ones to support 🤔🤷‍♀️


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