Doorstepping politics

And so it begins. We have local elections at the beginning of May. C and I registered to do postal votes in case regulations on movement weren’t lifted, and the thought of going into a booth that tens of others have already used didn’t really appeal to us. We had our ballot papers, have completed them and sent them back.

Today, a Sunday, we got the first doorstepper trying to blag our vote. The fact that she looked at her clipboard and then asked to speak to either of us and used my full name didn’t start well. She said she represented the Liberal Democrats. I said that we’d already done our postal vote. She asked if I’d voted for them. I said no. Then she asked who I did vote for so I reminded her that its a secret ballot. She got a bit snippy at that and said “thank you“, rather tersly, before spinning on her heels and tottering off.

I appreciate she’s got a job to do and they need to attract as many waivering voters as they can, but that doesn’t give them the right to know who I vote for. My own husband doesn’t even know that. And I don’t know who he votes for.

We’ve had a tonne of paper nonsense through the letterbox. One person even went to the trouble of handwriting our names on an envelope first. We have a couple of weeks of this to go yet.

I try not to be rude to the poor people who come to the door, they’re just doing their job. But just wish they wouldn’t. I hate having this conversation everytime we have elections. And we still have the party political broadcasts to come yet. They’re an instant turn off.

Let’s get this over with.


One thought on “Doorstepping politics

  1. Ooh, I don’t like them either. And loads of leaflets on the doorstep when we arrived here. Obvs we’re not registered to vote here yet so hopefully we’ll miss out on some of it


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