Ne’er cast a clout til May is out

An old English proverb, cited in 1732, advising us not to put away our winter woollies until the end of May. Or it could relate to the Hawthorn tree blossom.

I have, however, decided not to heed such advice and have swapped my winter and summer clothes over before the end of April, albeit retaining some thinner jumpers and cardis for layering when required.

I do seem to have quite a lot of clothes, even though there is a proportion that I don’t wear very often, or I forget about and end up rotating the same few items. About 18 months ago we bought some of those storage bags that you vacuum the air out of so I could put clothes in them and store them at the bottom of the wardrobe without them taking up too much room. Have to say, well worth the investment, particularly for putting away big winter jumpers which take up a tonne of space.

Every spring/autumn I swap over the contents of the bags and as I do so, check which items are no longer required and bag them up for the charity shop. The trouble is, I then also supplement it by ordering some new stuff.

I’m trying to introduce some colour and femininity and some sort of style. I’m trying to move away from black/blue jeans and #bellringing polo shirts. But I do like to be comfortable so cotton, bamboo, and roomy is essential. I’m not a girlie girl so don’t tend to wear skirts or dresses as I find then intensely impractical and uncomfortable for most of what I do. And of course, I’m a bit of a chubster so like things that cover up the bulges.

I’ve just bought some new tops from having been introduced to this by my sister. I like some of the shabby Boho chic style and also the long tunic tops the cover my belly and butt. I’m now looking for a couple of pairs of coloured jeans. I have white ones but was thinking or coral, orange or red. Can’t seem to find any I like. They all appear to be cropped length not full length.

Recommendations gratefully received.


One thought on “Ne’er cast a clout til May is out

  1. Totally get this one. Had to go to storage yesterday to find some more spring/summer clothes as I’d only brought jumpers here. Have you tried cotton traders on line for trousers? Various colours, various styles and fabrics and they do sensible leg lengths 👖


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