The stupidity of drivers

We had a brilliant day in Surrey with R, our daughter, who we haven’t seen since October.  We walked along the river as far as Hampton Court Palace and back.

We bought sandwiches and picniced opposite some incredible Riverside properties. We almost got hit by a stray golf ball as the footpath takes you through the golf club. We saw nest building cootes and a small whirlwind across the longpond. We ate gelato in the park. A fab day and the weather was brilliant too.

I got a load of mumma hugs in before we left.

Our journey home was a bit more problematic.  We were held up for about 2 hrs at a standstill on the motorway due to an accident,  not too far in front of us ( we didn’t see it jappen) which closed both carriage ways.

Emergency vehicles were streaming past us. The Kent & Sussex Air ambulance landed just ahead. It was clear we were going to be here a while. Nothing to do about it so no point stressing. People were getting out of their cars to try and see what was going on. C got out at one point but to stretch his legs. People were bibbing their horns, flailing arms and getting obviously het up.

The bit that annoyed me most was the idiotic behaviour of other drivers who were just too damn inpatient.  Some, started reversing up the on slip road we had just passed. This was the slip road that the emergency vehicles were coming from.

Even worse, some morons did a full aboutface and drove the wrong way back up the slip road. I only hope that they were met by a police car.

When we were finally moving we could see some of the extent of what had happened. Forensic vans were marking items on the ground. Someone was taking photos of a car on the other carriageway that didn’t look too damaged. Then we saw the motorcycle on the ground and what was left of a sports car on the back of a pickup. On the other side of the road was  a set of green screens obviously keeping something from rubber neckers. I fear that someone did not go home today.

The impatience of drivers and motorcycles that weave in and out of traffic costs lives.

I am fortunate that I got to message R to tell her we arrived home safely. 


One thought on “The stupidity of drivers

  1. Fortunate indeed. I think that a lot of folks are no longer aware that patience is a virtue, myself included sadly 😕


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