Can’t go empty handed

On Friday we walked nearly 6 miles on a round trip to B&Q so C could get some metal straps for something that he was going to fiddle with. I think it had something to do with the front door but to be honest, I wasn’t really paying attention to him going into far too much detail about it.

I’m really looking forward to Sunday when we can finally go down to Surrey to see R. Haven’t seen her since the end of October apart from on family Skype or WhatsApp facetiming. We’ve missed Christmas, my birthday, C’s birthday, Easter and a whole bunch of other times. I need to see her in the flesh.

When we went into the first lockdown she came back home as all her flatmates at that time all went back to their families. It was great having her home. She has always enjoyed flowers and plants and took the opportunity to do a free online course in houseplant husbandry. Needless to say, for some years now, birthday and Christmas presents tended to include a houseplant of some description. It generally comes accompanied by a hand written set of information and instructions.

Anyway, as I knew we were going to see her and as we were at B&Q, I messaged her to see if there was anything she wanted. I sent her half a dozen photos of various plants. She questioned the prices of some. There was a snake plant she liked the look of until I told her it was £45!

She liked the look of a citrus plant but didn’t much care for the £18 price tag. But politely asked if we could get her a Chinese money plant for £8 “please and thank you, as my last one died”. Well, who are we to deny her. We have also bought her the citrus one, but drew the line at the snake plant!We still have a plant that we bought her for Christmas that we’ve managed not to kill off.

So, after Sunday service #bellringing we’ll head off with a trio of plants for our brilliant, funny, clever, intelligent, thoughtful, barmy nutcase. And I don’t care what the rules say. Mumma’s gonna hug.


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