HRH Duke of Edinburgh

The day started off with some pleasant virtual #bellringing with family and friends.  Just as we’d finished I saw the announcement of the death of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.  I realised that my day was about to get busy as the #bellringing community was turned into frantic turmoil, with some wanting guidance on what to do and others wanting to do their own thing anyway.  We had guidance on the death of HM the Queen but there had been little instruction from either Buckingham Palace or Lambeth Palace about what to do when the Duke died.

I spent several frantic hours dealing with social media, press and general enquiries, and attending an urgent meeting with bellringing and Church of England authorities to agree a statement to issue regarding what ringing should be done when.  It was rather a tense period of activity, trying to get the tone just right.

C took a call from the cathedral office, who were instigating their protocol, but from what I could hear it sounded like they were going full London Bridge.  We decided that we would go and put some muffles on some of the bells ready for ringing at 12 noon the following day, as per the request for ringing. 

Then there’s several other ringing activities taking place over the weekend.  Was it appropriate to still do them?  We’ve opted for yes, although recognising that some people may no longer see it as appropriate and others may need to leave early to toll a bell at 12 noon.

It’s quite difficult to balance what should be done against what ringers would naturally do, i.e. ring bells.  And of course, we have to keep within the current covid restriction guidelines, which is curtailing our activities.  Some bells were rung today following the announcement, and many will ring tomorrow. 

I have been watching some of the coverage on the TV and reflecting on the work and legacy of the Duke of Edinburgh.  One member of the public commented that “yes he was 99, yes he’d been in hospital recently, but we expected him to go on”.  Well, he’s certainly put in the effort and the hours for Queen and country and his legacy of charitable work and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme will live on. 

He served us well, may he rest in peace.


One thought on “HRH Duke of Edinburgh

  1. Indeed. Good work

    And good work behind the scenes with your CC, Association and Cathedral responsibilities 👏


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