Arena Tour

I was reading an article about 7 Arenas for Success by Chris Widener (2017), In it he described the degree of our success is proportionately related to the degree that we balance certain areas of our life.  He offers 7 Arenas in which every person, business or organisation could and should operate:

  1. I Am: Arena of Values – what do you think is important?  What do you believe in? What do you want to accomplish? Are you clear that you are functioning within your core values? 
  2. I Should: Arena of Responsibility – what are your responsibilities?  Are you honourable and have high integrity?   Honest, hardworking and forthright? Do you make family a priority?  Do you give to charity, be it financially, time or possessions free of all expectation?
  3. I Could: Arena of Possibility – what are the possibilities of doing what you dream of, or doing something great?  Stop the treadmill and ask the question.
  4. I Would: Arena of Negotiation – possibilities come at a cost so you have to decide whether its worth it.  What are the ramifications? What changes or sacrifices will have to be made?  How long will it take?  Measure the cost of possibility and weed out those that are not good for you.
  5. I Want To: Arena of Vision – turning your passion into things that you can actually visualise. To dream drives you to attempt things you wouldn’t think of.
  6. I Will: Arena of Dedication – persevere.  Be determined.  It will be hard work, but it will be worth it. What are the obstacles that are stopping you?  How will you overcome them? What are the rewards that await you?
  7. I Do: Arena of Accomplishment – satisfaction of completion.  Time to take a rest, have a little celebration, a sense of fulfilment and set a new high bar.  What’s next?

I probably fluctuate throughout these 7 arenas from time to time.   There are activities and periods of time when I’m fully operating within my core beliefs and values and fully responsible and accountable.  I have dreams about what I might want out of life and a take small steps towards making that happen, like working a condensed week to allow me more time to dedicate to other areas of my life that I enjoy doing.

I’m not quite brave enough to go full pelt into what I dream of for many reasons.  Partly because it’s scary, and partly because doing so would actually impact other people in my life and that’s not what they’ve signed up for, although I’m 100% confident that they would support me in whatever I do.  Maybe that’s where I’ve negotiated a modified version of my possibilities, a halfway house.

I do persevere.  There are things that I’ve stuck with despite having doubts, issues, worries or being criticised by others.  And I do allow myself a moment of satisfaction or celebration every now and then when a job is done.  Just a small break, before tackling the next thing.

Having considered these arenas I wonder if instead of an arena tour whether I operate on a social club kind of level.  We’re about to update our Wills, maybe that’s an opportunity to reshape my arena tour.


One thought on “Arena Tour

  1. Social club sounds good to me. Less formal and more fun, and life’s too short to be too regimented even if you do have responsibilities. You have a responsibility to yourself to enjoy the ride, you’re only here once 😉 (just my opinion🤪)


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