Sweet and Savoury

I don’t often bake savoury things, I’m more of a cake, cupcake, pudding, desserts kinda gal.  However, I must get back on the diet train so decided that for my lunches this coming week I’d make some pasties from the first Pinch of Nom book.

Now they cheat because they don’t use pastry, which is fine by me as I’m rubbish at making pastry.  They day someone invested Ready Roll pastry sheets was the day the world became a better place.  However, these particular pasties use tortilla wraps.  I followed the recipe almost exactly, swapping the stewing steak for minced beef (as we have some available) but I included the carrot (yuk), as I figured that they’d be small enough chunks that I’d swallow them whole without having to taste them.

I must admit, I had reservations about how they’d turn out.  I didn’t think that they would seal properly as they kept smooshing about when I was using a fork to seal them.  However, they did, and there was no leakage.  I baked them for a little while longer than the recipe said until I decided that they were nice golden-brown colour.  I do think they look pretty good, even if I do say so myself.  I guess the proof will be in the eating.

I think that as I used mince instead of stewing steak there was more mixture to do around.  The recipe said that it would make 4 pasties but I managed to get double that.  Maybe I was a bit cautious about filling them and the one that I did put more filling in was the hardest to try and seal.  So now I have 2 whopping great pasties for lunch Monday – Thursday next week. 

I only ever seem to make lunches for the 4 days that I’m at work.  Friday lunches are usually make do and mend with whatever is in the fridge or cupboard, which has resulted in some interesting combinations, although if there’s enough of C’s bread left I’ll quite often do cheese on toast.

With a bit more planning I should lose some weight before a wedding in July.


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