Planning the week ahead

I have another week off work, to use up some annual leave.  I’m writing reports, presentations, planning and attending #bellringing meetings, writing articles, and promoting #bellringing events.  At some point there’s a bunch of household things that need doing, I would like to do some baking this week (I have chocolate orange hot cross buns, and chocolate easter cake to make), and I would like to spend some down time going for walks etc as the weather is supposed to be good this week. My to do list is quite lengthy.

C and I have just planned the week out based on what the weather forecast has in store.  We have a lot of annual report deliveries to do and plan to splice that with some walks out along the coasts and picnics, so have made a plan based on what we need to deliver where and how many loads can we get rid of in as few journeys as possible.

We went to the wholesalers today, so there was a long shopping list of things to restock the freezer with.  Along side that sat the list of reports that we could drop off en route.  We dropped the Southern District ones off on our way.

Back home and it was unpacking the shopping and portioning it up into meal sized bags.  Our freezer is well and truly stuffed now.  We didn’t get home until nearly 3pm so lunch was a bit on the late side, meaning dinner will be even later today.  For lunch I tried one of the pasties I made yesterday, they were quite tasty actually.

After lunch, a bit more promotional preparations ahead of tomorrow’s release, then I had a play on Ringing Room, now that I have Wheatley installed, I can ring on my own whilst it does the rest.  I plugged in my e-bells and had a go at some plain hunt minor on each pair of bells.  I finally got the hang of 3-4.  Then I tried some plain bob minimus.  After several goes I finally “saw” what I was doing with the 3,4 up dodge.  Then I moved on to having a go at some plain hunt major.  I found very quickly that I tuned into the rhythm and it sounded pretty good, even if I only did it from 1-2.

For some explicable reason I decided to get my weighted hula hooping out for the first time since 1st January. It took a few minutes to remember how to log exercise on my fitness watch. I did manage about 6 minutes on the first go. I could certainly tell my middle has gone soft.

Whilst C cooked dinner I did some preparations for a meeting that I have on Saturday so that I have everything I need to hand and can share my ideas with the rest of the group.

Only then did I sit down to read a book and watch tv, and fall asleep on the sofa.  Until tomorrow’s adventure.


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