Oh, innit mild!

The age-old cry when its unseasonably warm.

Who’d have thought that by mid-February we’d be seeing temperatures in the mid-teens and we could go out without a coat on? Well, that’s exactly what happened today. 

We decided to go out for a walk as it seemed to be nice and sunny.  I had a jumper on and put on what I call my Spring/Autumn jacket i.e. one that isn’t too thick.  We decided to rerun a route that we’d done in the first lockdown when our daughter R was staying with us.  We’d gone up the main roads and across the fields.  Last time we had to rescue a baby fox that was out in the blazing sun on its own, mewing and looking feeble.  No such fun today. 

However, there were sheep and the twittering of Great Tits and other birdages.  Snowdrops and crocuses were out in abundance too. By about half way round the route, I was very warm indeed, and would have taken my jacket off, but for the fact that I’d have to carry it anyway so may as well carry it on my back.

We did have a bit of a sticky patch as we were walking parallel to the railway lines.  It seems a small brook had over flowed and the pathway was a bit of a quagmire.  We had to cling on to the trees to heave ourselves across as the path was so mucky we’d have lost our boots.

By the time we made it to the bridge over the railway, I was really warm.  There was a nice breeze as you got to the top of the steps so I allowed myself a bit of cool air to circulate, before we continued.

The round trip was about 4.6 miles and took us just under 2 hours.  We weren’t rushing, we were enjoying the walk and the sunshine. 

Given that its still technically winter, it was a beautiful day.  I’m glad I was on annual leave and able to make the most of it.


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