50 Ways to Enjoy Turning Fifty

My sister bought me this book for my birthday last week.  I thought I’d better take more than a cursory look at it.  It claims to have 50 ways to make this the best year EVER.  The book is set out in chapters based on making the most of turning 50, planning the best year EVER, implementing the plan, treating yourself well, having fun, looking back, looking within, expressing gratitude, putting things in order, eliminating what you don’t need, giving and looking forward. 

Each chapter has key questions to help you analyse yourself and figure how to make the most of turning 50, thought experiences to delve a little deeper and activities to do. It does say that you can dip in and out of the book, fast forward to the bits that most interest you and so on but being a pedant, I started at the beginning.  

Way #1 Accept your age. 

Thought experiment 1 asks you to make a list of people you admire who are over fifty and who are living terrific lives and make a note of what you admire about how this person is living their life.  OK, so first thing is to think of people over 50 who I admire.

I’m not going to list them all here because some of them might read this and either be embarrassed or disagree.  I’ve written each of them in the book.  Suffice to say that it includes C, my parents and siblings, a few former work colleagues, and some ringers I know. In some cases, I admire what they have achieved over adversity.  In others I admire what they’re currently doing with their lives, and if I’m honest, I’m probably a bit jealous of.  Some I admire because I wish I were more like them.

The key questions were what are some benefits of turning 50? and What are you looking forward to this year?

I guess benefits might include being that little bit wiser sometimes.  Having more opportunities to reflect on what I want out of life and trying to achieve a better work/life balance. Nearer to retirement age (although still some considerable way to go).  Looking forward to getting to see R again.  This year has been an exception and we haven’t been able to spend time together, so as soon as we can we’ll do that.  Can plan for the trip that we should have had for my 50th birthday.

Thought experiment 2: what concerns do you have about turning fifty?  What challenges are you experiencing or expecting? Which of those can’t you change? What constructive actions can you take regarding that item?

I’m not really bothered about turning 50.  It’s just a number.  I guess ill health, or my level of unfitness is probably going to be an issue at some point.  I’m feeling less tolerant of other people, which I need to reign in a bit sometimes and there are other things that I’d rather be doing with my time but have to work instead. I can’t change that for a few more years yet unless something amazing comes up, like winning the lottery.


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