Laugh out loud

Have you ever laughed so hard you can’t breathe or you’re in tears, or even pee your pants a little?

A TV channel is showing reruns of Who’s Line Is It Anyway? An improvisation show where the comedians are given scenarios to act out. I used to watch this when Clive Anderson used to host the UK version and I’ve seen some of the previous US series. This series is hosted by Aisha Tyler. I think having a female host has brought a whole new level to the shenanigans.

There are 3 usual contestants and a different guest each time. The 3 regulars are Ryan Styles, Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady. They all seem to be really clever at improv and Wayne seems to be really good at lyrics when they have to do singing improv. At the end of the show they have to read the closing credits out in a style of the host’s choosing.

Laughter is the best medicine. Its an all round muscle work out and releases endorphins that help relieve stress. Twenty seconds of laughter has the same benefits for the lungs as three minutes on a rowing machine. I know which I’d rather do. And apparently it doesn’t matter if you fake it. There’s a whole business to be made from laughter therapy.

TV comedy these days is often mildly amusing but doesn’t tend to make me really laugh. Watching these shows this week has really made me laugh out loud, to the point that I can hardly breathe, or I’m in tears. It’s very clever and very funny. I don’t know whether its because its not overly scripted or political or offensive. Its just good, honest funny stuff.

So can I count a good guffaw as my daily exercise?


One thought on “Laugh out loud

  1. I’d say yes. I’m not one for falling about laughing at something vaguely amusing either, but have found myself drawn to more comedy on TV than dramas lately. Maybe we all need laughter therapy. And maybe we should laugh at ourselves a bit more too 🤣😉


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