Baking fails

I don’t very often fail completely when I’m baking but today’s BakedIn Brookies just didn’t work. There has been much comment on their social media page as to people having problems with the cookie and brownie elements somehow mixing and there not being such a definitive line, as per their picture.

I thought I’d try and be clever so decided I was going to part bake the cookie base before adding the brownie mixture neatly atop. Well, that was a stupid idea.

All that happened was the cookie dough was very soft because it was hot so the brownie mix, instead of spreading nicely on top, just plopped in the middle then sank to the bottom. I couldn’t spread it at all. So mine ended up with mostly cookie at the edges and mostly brownie in the centre and a slightly marbled effect where they met.

They tasted ok though so that’s the main thing, right?


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