Famalan Quiz Time

It was my turn to host the quiz on our fortnightly family catch up. We use Skype for our chats as but as I use Zoom for most things I decided to zoom in on some household objects and get people to guess what the item was. It seemed to go quite well. Some were easy but I deliberately threw in the odd hard one. There were some interesting answers.

We don’t do quizzes every time. Bruv did the first one a while back based on obscure descriptions of biscuits. J did one based on the conveyor belt, passing items across the screen and we had try try to remember as many as we could. Then T did one based on Blankety Blank, trying to guess how Mum and Dad would answer.

J always has a list of questions for each family member or group to make sure all the gossip and news is shared. Its quite useful as everyone gets to say what’s been going on in their world, and there’s some structure to the conversation rather than a free for all where the loud ones do all the talking and quiet ones wonder why they are there. Quite often nephew manages to join in but our daughter is currently working every weekend at the moment so can’t join in. Glad to here some other family members are making contact with her separately though.

The next catch up will be on Christmas day, once we’ve agreed an acceptable time for some of us to get home from #bellringing in the morning.


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