Christmas starts here

Advent Sunday heralds the start of the Christmas season. Its going to be a very different one this year.

The December calendar is usually full every weekend of #bellringing for carol services, and tradition and ritual surrounding preparations.

C and I rang our 2 bells as usual this Sunday morning. When we arrived at the cathedral they had installed garlands and lights around the south porch, and an illuminated star at the top of the tower. When we reached to ringing room there were cables and LED lights in each of the window areas directed outwards, ready to light up the Cathedral. At least they managed to run the cables round the edge of the room this time, usually we have to navigate cables across the floor where clearly they do not consider the safety of the ringers.

By coincidence, my Angel Wings candle, that I light every evening throughout the year, had expired yesterday. When we got home from ringing C went to fetch a new candle from the supply in the garage. He brought in a Christmas Cookie one. Great timing for the start of Advent. Although it’s a different scent to the usual one “Angel Wings“, the purpose is the same when I light it.

Presents are almost all bought, and the ones I have already are wrapped. I always buy C and R advent calendars. R was given hers when we last went to see her. I bought C an advent calendar of a different sort, but he can’t have that until 1st December. I bought myself one too, seen as though I don’t get one otherwise.

Christmas cards are being written. Possibly the earliest we’ve ever done that.

Here starts the preparations in earnest.


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