There’s an app for that

NHS Leadership Academy Healthcare Leadership Model

It seems that there’s an app for just about everything going. The latest one to land in my inbox is from the NHS Leadership Academy based on their Healthcare Leadership Model.

This model became very familiar to me as I was studying my MSc in Senior Heathcare Leadership via the Academy. It covers the 9 leadership dimensions of inspiring shared purpose, leading with care, evaluating information, connecting services, sharing the vision, engaging the team, holding to account, developing capability and influencing for results.

Throughout my course, which was a few years ago now, I referred to this model constantly. It has practical suggestions as to support you whether the behaviours are essential and you demonstrate proficiency, strength, or showing exemplary performance as a healthcare leader against each dimension.

To be honest, you could take away the “healthcare” part and it applies to any leadership role in any organisation, at any level.

Being an effective leader manifests itself from how we manage ourselves as leaders. How we recognise our self-awareness, self-confidence, self-control, self-knowledge, personal reflection, resilience and determination are the personal qualities and foundations of how we behave and how we interact with others, and they us.

All of this has a direct impact on our colleagues, our teams and our culture and climate within our teams and across our organisation.

Every now and then I revisit the model and on my latest look discovered that there is now an app that allows you to record observations of leadership behaviours and explore them using the dimensions. You can add your own reflections on yours or observed behaviours and look at summaries.

I shall download it and have a play.


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