Izzy, whizzy, let’s get dizzy

Every now and then I have an episode of Meniere’s or vertigo, where everything goes a bit swimmy, my eyes find it hard to focus and I get a bit unbalanced. Its most disconcerting.

The worst cases I’ve had have kept me bed ridden when even moving my eyes was enough to make me physically sick. Any attempt to move my head or get out of bed was just not going to happen.

I’m never quite sure what triggers it. According to the NHS website Meniere’s is a condition affecting the inner ear that can cause vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss. I don’t tend to get tinnitus or hearing loss with mild cases but with the most severe episodes I have.

I started to feel the onset of symptoms on Friday. As you will recall this was the end of a particularly difficult week with me needing to go into work on my day off. During the weekend the dizziness came and went depending on what I was doing. On Monday morning I headed into work feeling slightly unbalanced but not particularly feeling nauseated. I managed to get through the day without too much trouble but I had to be careful around over use of PC screens. I found that scrolling around documents and emails did then tend to make me feel a bit sick.

I have therefore taken the evening off looking at screens, social media, games and outside work work in the hope that it will give my eyes and brain a rest.

P.S. feeling much better today.


One thought on “Izzy, whizzy, let’s get dizzy

  1. Thank goodness you’re feeling better today. Don’t know if you’ve also been told that it sometimes happens to ladies of a certain age? I had a fair few bouts of it a few years ago and got medication from GP. Now passed thankfully šŸ˜‰


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