Hard or soft?

The BakedIn subscription I have really is worth every penny. Each month I get sent some dry ingredients and a recipe card, and with any fresh ingredients required it encourages me to try my hand at something different.

This months bake was lemon & blueberry biscotti. Never made biscotti before. When I first read the instructions it sounded like a bit of a faff as you do need to take it out of the oven at one point, wait for it to cool off a bit, cut it up, put it back in the oven for a bit longer, then take it out again to turn them over and back in again. However, when you’re in the throws of creation, it didn’t seem to take too long, nor was it as much of a faff as I first thought.

From what I’ve read from people who were much quicker at their baking when the box drops on the mat, these biscotti are a bit softer than the almond biscotti you tend to get in coffee shops, but I guess you could bake then longer, on a lower heat to dry them out more. I don’t mind if they’re a bit softer, I’ve always thought that shop bought biscotti was an attempt at keeping Dentists employed because it was so hard it would break your teeth.

The good thing about this recipe, like so many of the BakedIn boxes, is that you can adapt it with different flavours. I’m thinking orange and chocolate, or nutmeg and cranberry for a Christmas vibe.

I keep saying that I’ll make some of these recipes again but so far I haven’t. However, this one is firmly on the “do it again” pile.


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