Never too early

So C did the food shopping on Thursday and bought treats. Its never too early to start mince pie season. I’m not interested in the festive season starting this early, frankly its over hyped, but I do love the foods that the shops only bring out at this time of year.

I’ve already started sampling the seasonal savoury snacks the M&S outlet at work has in stock. I’ve bought the Christmas edition of Good Housekeeping and have been drewling over the images of pigs in blankets, chicken terrine, canapés, roast potatoes, porchetta, trifle, chocolate tart, truffles, shortbread and all manner of treats.

Trouble is, C only bought 1 box of mince pies. What was he thinking? How long did he think 6 pies was going to last? We had a cup of tea and scoffed 2 each in one go, then he said there was little point in leaving the last 2 on their own.

A few years ago at work I gave homemade treat gifts to some colleagues. I made Christmas tree shortbread, chocolate truffles, cranberry florentines and mini, iced fruit cake. I wrapped them in clear cellophane with Christmas ribbon and a label listing all the ingredients for each item in case anyone had any particular allergies. They took a fair amount of effort but seemed to go down really well.

Given where we are with Covid-19 restrictions we won’t know how Christmas will be this year. There’s an even chance that we might not even get to spend it with our daughter, let alone any of the rest of the family. That means we can’t really decide about what food to get in until the last minute. I will look forward to going through the M,&S Christmas food ordering magazine and wishing I could eat it all.

In the meantime I shall eat many, many mince pies 🥧


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