Podcast binging

I only recently really got into listening to podcasts. I started off with one “By the Book” which was recommended to me. Then I picked a few off the “you may also like this…” list my app presented me with.

My only real opportunity to listen to them is when I go on my lunchtime walk for half an hour, or on the 15 minute journey home from work. (I listen to the radio on the way in as it requires less concentration first thing in the morning).

However, I am starting to feel a bit of a podcast junky. I currently subscribe to 21 ranging from business, personal development, history, comedy and popular culture and #bellringing.

I currently have 303 episodes sitting in my queue waiting for me to listen to. The trouble is I have to listen to them from the very beginning. I can’t start listening to a new podcast several episodes in or just jump in and out of episodes. And some of them last over half an hour so it’s not easy to fit a whole episode in during my walk. And of course, they are all adding new content each week so my queue just gets longer.

When I see a recommendation for a podcast that might be of interest I download a couple of episodes (from the beginning) and make sure that I give it a good chance before deciding whether to unsubscribe or carry on. I think I’ve only ever unsubscribed from about 2.

I have the listening speed set at x1.5 but at this current rate of listening I’ll catch up sometime never. 🤣

Anyone got any other recommendations? If you’re interested, here’s what’s in my queue…

By the Book, CIPR, Fun with Bells, Happy Place, I Weigh with Jameela, Older & Wider, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Postcards from Midlife, Something Rhymes with Purple, Table Manners, The Brendon Show, The High Low, Marie Forleo, Rachel Cruz, Rachel Hollis, The School of Greatness, Tim Ferris, Trebles Going, Tudor Dynasty, We Love You (and so can you).


One thought on “Podcast binging

  1. David Tennant does a Podcast with…. , Just started a Samira Ahmed one who interviews all sorts of people to see what inspires them. Also the Paul McKenna positivity podcast. I also listen to some that you have on your list. Adam Buxton is silly humorous for those times you just want to laugh 😆


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