Disappointment of Cancellation

Gutted to have recieved this email yesterday. I had booked tickets for this event several months ago for step-daughter #1 and I to attend, and even splashed out on VIP tickets to get faster entry, drinks and snacks and a place to sit down and rest our feet. It involves staying at theirs for the weekend, a day of all things cakey, which we both enjoy and lots of shopping, whilst the boys fix a shed or something, lots of good eating, drinking and company.

SD#1 and I were only messaging each other the other day about how we hoped that it wouldn’t get cancelled and were pleased to read about all the precautions they had in place.

Whilst for me and SD#1 it means no fun day out for us, I can’t imagine how the exhibitors, professionals, organisers and competitors must be feeling. So much lost revenue for everyone again. Those competitors who had probably already started work on some of the entries, wasted.

At first I thought about the disappointment of not going to the event this year. They have said that tickets would be automatically carried over to 2021, but then I realised that it could also mean no weekend away and visit with SD#1 at all. Who knows what the rules of meeting up with, staying with or even distanced interaction is going to be come early November.

Hublet and I were planning on taking a few days to journey up and have our first night away from home since the pandemic started. Will need to discuss it with hublet and SD#1 to decide whether we go up there at all now. This makes me feel sad for hublet who won’t have seen his eldest face to face this year at all if that’s the case.


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