Cake magazine week 2

As you know I’ve decided that all these cake magazines I’ve been collecting over the years actually need to be used, so this was week 2. Of the morsels on offer to create in this weeks mag was sponge squares covered in water icing with piped lines and dots.

The recipe called for an 8inch square madeira cake, cut into squares then an apricot glaze, followed by some lovely pastel shades of water icing, then some uniformed, delicately piped lines and dots in a contrasting colour.

Having just jumped on the bandwagon and purchased a silicone mould that looks like individual cake slices, I decided that would be fun rather than making plain old boring squares. So far so good.

Once cooled, the recipe says to apply a glaze of apricot jam. Open the fridge. Raspberry it is then. Slap it on. Then, to make the coloured icing more vibrant, add a thin layer of white fondant. Hmmm, rummage, rummage. White chocolate modelling paste it is then.

The suggested water icing was delicate pastel shades of lime green, yellow, baby blue and orange. I had deep red and blue to hand! That’ll do.

The magazine went on to describe how to pipe the perfect straight line, and perfectly rounded dots. Sod it, I’ve got a pot of sprinkles that need using up. On ya go. Bosh, and done.

Not pretty. Not as advertised. But edible. As its only for me and Mr, it’ll go down just fine with a cuppa. ☕


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