Ahhhhh, new pillows

Mr came home from food shopping yesterday with the addition of 2 new sets of new pillows for our bed šŸ˜ I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. I love soft, voluminous pillows.

Trouble is, they’re not really good for supporting your neck apparently and the way I sleep actually makes them fairly redundant. I tend to sleep šŸ’¤ on my front with my arms folded but above my head. That means that I tend to push the pillows up and most of my head is actually resting on the mattress.

Apparently that’s one of the worst positions to sleep in, according to onhealth.com who say that 7% of people sleep like this and although it may help ease snoring it may aggravate neck and back pain. I used to suffer quite chronic back pain but over the last year or so it seems to have improved.

All that aside though, being able to let your head flumph down into a soft pillow is such a good feeling, even if it is shortlived until I turn over.

Night, night šŸ„±šŸ˜“


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