Are you a borrower?

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Not a tiny person that squirrels away objects and you wonder where things went, but do you borrow beliefs from other people?  Do they serve your needs, feel good and align with your other beliefs and goals? Surrounding yourself with people who have beliefs that are different but feel much better than your current beliefs.

For example, you may be feeling unwell and google your symptoms and discover that you have the same symptoms as something terrible.  That sends your mind into a frenzy of panic.  But when you speak with your GP about your symptoms, they will give you a much more levelled response based on their beliefs of what you are actually presenting to them. 

Tonya Leigh, current podcast fave, defined a belief as an acceptance that a statement is true or something exists, or its trust, faith and confidence in something or someone.  An assumption that we hold as true, imposed on us by other people or our past experience.

We may have beliefs about how much money we could earn, what kind of relationship we should be in and much more that limit our ambition. Our beliefs really shape our reality based on our behaviours, what we do and what we do creates our results in our lives. Our beliefs also create our energy and whatever we send out in the world is what we are able to receive from it. When we believe it’s normal and all we deserve to earn a pittance, or be in an abusive relationship, that’s what we get back because that’s what we are tuned into.

When we start to mix with people with different beliefs, we start to see that we can earn more money by working smarter, not harder.  We can be in an equal and non-abusive relationship because they are out there. If we don’t have those beliefs ourselves yet, we can borrow their beliefs in order to try them on to see how the fit. When we start to do that and practice those beliefs too it starts to create new experiences and opportunities, and the evidence starts to mount up in favour of it become our own belief system.

When we don’t have believe in ourselves, yet someone else has belief in us, we can borrow that to believe in their belief of us that will drive us to create the results we want. 

It can be hard to believe in ourselves because we have so much going on and so much evidence to support our negative responses.  Sometimes we need to go beyond that and go to people who have already created what it is we want to create and have the belief systems we want to emulate and borrow it from them and practice it until it becomes the norm for us.

If you hang out with a group of people who always so its so hard to do something, you are going to start believing that too because that’s the only environment you are exposed to and you all match each other. When you start to change your beliefs then others are either going to move up with you and start to change theirs, or they’ll get left behind as they are no longer a match for you.

TL suggested that to borrow someone else’s beliefs you need to think of it as a wardrobe.  You get to visit other people’s wardrobes to try on their beliefs.  Every time you try one on that you are not accustomed to it can be a bit of a shock, even though you want to like it, it doesn’t feel right, the immediate response is to reject it. Don’t immediately reject itjust because you don’t have experience with it yet. Try it on and ask yourself what if it was true for you, or what if you could do that? Notice how it feels. What if it is easy, or you could do it, how does it feel? Wear it feel for a while and see how it feels.  If it feels good, then practice embodying the belief, carrying yourself as it if were already yours.  You’ll start to create evidence for it as a fit then start to shift your behaviour. After a while it won’t be a belief you’ve borrowed anymore, it’ll be your own.

If you don’t have belief in yourself, find those who have belief in you, and believe in that.


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