Tapping into your inner excellence

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Usually when I read articles there’s a bit of preamble that introduces the reader to the purpose of the article and what it’s trying to address or tell you.  However, I opened an article written by Brendon Burchard in 2017 where there was no preamble, no background story to get the reader to intrigued, or explanation as to why the writer felt compelled to write this particular article, or getting the reader set up ready for what pearls of wisdom were about to be imparted.  BAM! It went straight into the six steps needed to tap into your inner excellence. So here ya go!

  1. Seek clarity – on who you want to be, how you want to interact, what you want, and what will bring you most meaning.
  2. Generate energy – so you can maintain focus, effort and well-being. Mental stamina, physical energy and positive emotions are required to stay on your A game.
  3. Raise the necessity – for exceptional performance. Actively tap into the reasons you must perform well, based on cocktail of your internal standards, beliefs, values and expectations with external demands, social obligations, commitments, deadlines and so on.
  4. Increase productivity – in your primary field of interest, focussing specifically on quality output in the area in which you want to be known.
  5. Develop influence – with those around you so that they are more likely to believe in and support your efforts and ambitions.
  6. Demonstrate courage – by expressing your ideas, taking action and standing up for yourself even when things are not clear, or changing.

As you are well aware by now I am going through the process of seeking clarity on who I want to be, how I want to show up, what I want and what is important to me.  I am getting better at identifying some of that and making appropriate decisions about making it happen/not happen. 

I do struggle sometimes with focus.  I often have lots to do and can’t see the wood for the trees some days, but every now and then I get a burst of energy and inspiration and can blast through anything, even the most troublesome of dilemmas.

I try to do the best I can in everything I do, but as I wrote about receintly, I have to accept that it’s not going to be perfect every time.  There are times when good enough is good enough, but I make sure I balance that out with my values, beliefs and standards.

Again, I can get really energised about something for a period of time.  This then becomes my primary field of interest and everything I do revolves around it.  I struggle sometimes when others don’t align and I’m left waiting on responses or things to happen which delay progress and in turn starts to deplete my enthusiasm.

If I’m honest, I probably do have some influence both at work and in the #bellringing activities I’m involved in.  I can help shape the direction of a service or offer experience and insight into ringing activities.  I am not egotistical enough to consider myself as a “person of influence” though, and there are times when even my experience and insight has no bearing on anyone’s opinion or actions.

Its funny but I can stand up for myself at work, and is most #bellringing scenarios, but its personal relationships that I struggle to express things well.  All too often, I’ll go with the flow, don’t want to upset anyone, or cause an argument.  I’ll let someone else make the decisions, even when I don’t necessarily agree or want to do whatever it is they want.  I struggle to say what I want and need from personal relationships and as a result probably don’t have very successful ones.  Again, something I’m trying to be better at.

So how do you tap into your inner excellence?


One thought on “Tapping into your inner excellence

  1. As I said in a different place this week, Practice Practice Practice 😉 You can only try, and you’re doing your best. Some folks don’t even attempt that


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