Living the life of luxury… for less

Image by Gioele Fazzeri from Pixabay

Last week I took some annual leave.  I didn’t have anything in particular planned but needed to use up some leave.  I visited a couple of former work colleagues, one had retired a couple of years ago but we’re still in touch, and the other had recently suffered an accident so was home convalescing. Towards the latter part of the week, I thought about how nice it might have been to have had a spa day.  I’ve never been to a spa, and would probably feel uncomfortable at one, but I like to idea of being pampered a bit.

At the very end of the week C and I went into London to do a chocolate experience and theatre trip from vouchers I’d received for my birthday last year. I must admit to walking around Covent Garden and the high-end shopping areas with a twinge of envy, why can’t I shop in those types of shop? 

In April’s Platinum Magazine, Jasmine Birtles offers a number of ideas on how to add a bit of luxury to your lifestyle without breaking the bank:

Dining out:

  • Sign up as a mystery shopper so you get to review bars and restaurants in return for writing a report on the food, service, cleanliness etc
  • Get a Taste Card – offers 50% off or 2 for 1 deals in over 6,000 restaurants in the UK.  60 day free membership, then £39.99 per year
  • Restaurant offer sites like TheFork and OpenTable often have good deals
  • Use discount sites like Groupon and LatestDeals

Luxury items but cheaper:

  • Buy secondhand if you’re ok with that.  Check out eBay, Vinted, DePop, Gumtree, Preloved etc for designer clothes and homeware
  • Discount sites like offer deals on luxury cosmetics, perfumes, make up and skin and hair products. Secret Sales offers big discounts on fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle brands.

Luxury travel:

  • Ever wanted to fly in a private jet?  Victor offers “empty leg” flights at serious discounts.  This is where a plane has flown somewhere but needs to get back anyway so better to have someone on board than fly empty
  • Voyage Prive and TravelZoo offer 70% off luxury holidays and last minute travel deals

If you’re like me and want to try the spa experience without the embarrassment of not knowing what to do, or you want to experience the luxury life without footing the bill, here are some other ideas to try:

  • By a home manicure set
  • Go to charity shops in posh areas, where all the designer clothes are
  • Volunteer in National Trust or Historic Houses to spend time in beautiful surroundings
  • Sign up to newsletters from local galleries for invites to openings where there’s often free drink and nibbles
  • Use a cloth napkin with a ring holder at home.  Add a bit of luxury to eating in
  • Reuse posh tins, those nice biscuit tins or the Fortnum and Masons tea caddy, and refill them with cheaper versions
  • Have dinner at your dining table with your best china, some candles and flowers

I cannot endorse any of these sites as I’ve never used them but I am seriously considering looking into some of these sites to see what they have to offer. I do like eating out, and a good deal, and I’d like to experience a bit more luxury, but I don’t have the bank balance to go with it.  Provided that I don’t need to sign my life away and get bombarded with spam, it might be worth a looksee.

What sites can you think of that provide the luxury lifestyle at a fraction of the price?


One thought on “Living the life of luxury… for less

  1. I am more than happy to use charity shops for clothes or furnishings. I’m regularly visiting British Heart Foundation here because there is a particular article of furniture I’m looking for and would rather recycle than pay big bucks to another company that only sells what is fashionable rather than fit for purpose.
    I also subscribe to Travelzoo. We have used them for a few foreign holidays in recent years. They only send one email a week and I’m happy to delete it at the moment until we feel more like travelling. They do offer deals on experiences and trips within the UK too though


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