What are you tired of tolerating?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

You don’t get what you want, you get what you tolerate”, says podcast fave Tonya Leigh.

When we feel anger, frustration and resentment its often because we have been tolerating something that is not a fit with our soul, our vision for ourselves and our dreams.  It just does not feel good. When the resentment, frustration and anger grows, instead of no longer being available to whatever is triggering that feeling, we often engage in self-destructive habits. Food, alcohol, poor relationships.  Things that make us feel worse.

When you are feeling anger, frustration and resentment, ask yourself what are you tolerating? Think about what it is you want for your life, your dreams and desires, your goals.  What do you need to make yourself unavailable for in order to reach them?

TL suggests that all those things you need to stop being available for are self inflicted. If you overeat, or revert to alcohol, or put up with toxic relationships, its because you don’t want to feel the emotions, and then you end up beating yourself up over your self-destructive habit, and make yourself feel even worse. It ends up becoming a vicious circle.

When we wake up to no longer tolerating the things we feel, do and create, we can be done with it.  The thoughts don’t just go away, but we no longer need to entertain them and look for something that looks and feels better.   It can be effective really quickly.  When we stop tolerating people pleasing, or our own negative talk, or being confused and indecisive, we can be loving, honest and kind to others because we start being those things to ourselves. If you’re tired of tolerating scarcity look for abundance.

Be your own personal assistant and look at whether things support your vision, desires and goals, and if they don’t, then don’t take that call, make yourself unavailable for it. As long as you’re available for these feelings, they’ll keep showing up.

By making yourself unavailable to those feelings, you start making yourself available for so much more that matches your values.  It can be uncomfortable.  You have to say no, you will feel discomfort, you have to show up even when its hard, you have to stop tolerating your own excuses, you have to do things that are unfamiliar. The pay off is you get to shape your life with the things that align with what you want to create, your vision and how you want to become. 

Image what your life could be like if you only make yourself available to the possibilities that you have.  What do you want to make yourself available for?

We need to stop tolerating our own limiting beliefs, our own negativity and our own habitual states of being that don’t align with what it is we want.

What are you done tolerating?


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