If you do just one thing…

We don’t all have the energy, capacity or resources to make transformative changes in our lives, but we can take little steps forward.  In February’s Red magazine Bella Evennett-Watts asked a number of different people to suggest small changes that could lead to long-lasting impact.  Here goes:

  1. Become a better listener – by resisting your own urges to give advice or suggestions
  2. Send “thinking of you” texts to future proof your friendships
  3. Boost your self-esteem by keeping a positivity journal
  4. Gift your partner with information to solidify your relationship
  5. Achieve Fen Shui while working from home by getting the lighting right
  6. Listen to your own advice to feel happier more often
  7. Make people listen by writing down your purpose with confidence and clarity
  8. Help yourself heal from heartbreak by looking forward
  9. Reduce your impact on the environment by investing in reusables
  10. Challenge your social awkwardness by being curious
  11. Stop blaming yourself by remembering you’re not always responsible for others’ behaviour
  12. Get better at public speaking by smiling
  13. Improve your relationship with alcohol by taking small breaks from it
  14. Choose hope over despair to build a better future
  15. Improve your relationship with the online world by slowly letting go of urgency
  16. Make a to-do list to improve your work-life balance
  17. Stop people pleasing by questioning your guilt
  18. Leave a book for a stranger in a microlibrary, waiting room or coffee shop
  19. Walk a dog, even if you don’t have one volunteer at the local dog shelter
  20. Befriend someone by using Age UK’s befriending service and sign up to visit an older person
  21. Do a two-minute clean up in your neighbourhood
  22. Become a mentor and make a difference in someone else’s life
  23. Save lives by giving blood
  24. Try translating if you speak another language
  25. Give away your old bike to the Bike Project
  26. Make someone grieving for a lost pet feel less alone by supporting the Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service
  27. Get knitting for disadvantaged people
  28. Be a cheerleader and offer encouragement at the next local marathon
  29. Make a difference from your phone, check out apps that help spread goodwill
  30. Share an extra portion with a neighbour or homeless person
  31. Pass on a loved teddy bear to a children’s home
  32. Facetime a blind person to help them check out expiry dates or navigate new surroundings
  33. Search for anything to help plant trees around the world
  34. Perform a small act of kindness, ideas from the BeKind app
  35. Buy secondhand furniture to reduce wastage

What other small steps could you take?


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