Have you tried shedding?

No, I don’t mean building or living in a shed. I mean shedding the baggage of your past, or things that no longer serve you, so you can become the best version of yourself.

I’ve started a bit of that during 2021 and will do some more over the coming year. Its been quite liberating to let go of past feelings, thoughts, behaviours, expectations, old habits and loyalties. I’ve started to foster a different outlook on life that focuses on what’s important to me. I’ve started to feel more confident in my abilities, in myself, and am exploring more of what makes me happy.

In February’s Platinum magazine (anyone else concerned February’s magazines are already out and we haven’t finished December yet?), Julie Leonard offered five ways to make shedding as successful, and painless, as possible:

  1. Follow the seasons – there is a natural transition in the seasons, usually spring and autumn. These might be the ideal time to naturally embrace a fresh start.
  2. Clarify – take time to visualise and gain clarity on the life you want to lead. Knowing what’s important and the direction you want your life to go will help you identify the things that no longer work for you.
  3. Say goodbye – its said that you are the five people you surround yourself with. Who is in your life? Do they support you and cheer you on? Are they positive and encouraging? Can you be your true self around them? If not, it might be time to say goodbye.
  4. Refrigerator- shedding is not a selfish act but a healthy process. Reframe any negativity and self doubt, let go of guilt and give yourself permission to choose who and what you have in your life.
  5. Make a list – write down all the areas of your life you need to examine: relationships, duties, loyalties, habits, fun, learning, home, work. Then under each heading list all things related to it, then ask yourself do I love it? Is it useful? Does it bring me joy? Does it bring me meaning and purpose? Does it fit with my vision of the life I want? If the answer is no, time to shed it.

There will be some more shedding of habits, limiting beliefs and self doubt to come along with reframing relationships. I have already drawn a mindmap of different people in my life and what I want to achieve in those relationships. Mostly its around lowering my expectations/desire from others, whilst upping my own game. I intend to give extra consideration, care and attention, with more effort to communicate.

So watch out folks, I’m coming for you ๐Ÿ˜


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