Early birthday baking

My father’s birthday is 22nd December so we use that as an excuse for the family gathering. Mum, Dad, the four of us and our attachments go out for a pub dinner, making a point of using the standard menu rather than the Christmas menu.

This year there were to be 13 of us. That turned out to be an unlucky number. One took ill with Covid and was isolating at University, then three more couldn’t come having just moved house and still trying to unpack, and fix things they’d didn’t know about until they moved in. Just too much to try and do. Totally understandable. So we were down to 9, but still had a great meal out, then back to HQ for cake.

I’d made the cake on Friday. Fruits of the Forest flavoured sponge and crumbcoat, with black icing and gold and black decorations. I had used a white chocolate drip that I painted in gold edible paint. The drip didn’t set hard so I couldn’t paint it smoothly, so it looks a bit lumpy.

It wasn’t a particularly complicated cake to make but it did remind me why I love baking cake. It was only the 2nd cake I’d made all year, the first one being my brothers wedding cake. I love the smell of the sponge cooking permeated the house. The pleasure of seeing an idea I came up with in October coming into existence.

I need to find more reasons to bake. I need to create more cakey goodness. I need to use up the things I bought; I’m a sucker for sprinkles. I need to make more use of all the gadgets and moulds and tools I have amassed over the years.

In the meantime, happy birthday to my Pops. Enjoy your cakage. šŸ˜‹


2 thoughts on “Early birthday baking

  1. It was fabulous as always. And yes, you should always do more of what makes you happy šŸ˜Š šŸŽ‚šŸ°


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