I can ring a rainbow

In recent years #bellringing repertoire has begun to be referred to in different coloured zones. The green zone for those starting in rounds, call changes and plain hunting. The blue zone for those who have mastered plain bob, Grandsire and similar. The red zone for those progressing from Cambridge Surprise Minor, with the infamous black zone for the high fliers ringing beyond Bristol Surprise Maximus.

I won’t ever reach the dizzying heights of the black zone, partly because I don’t have the brain capacity, but also lack of opportunity, and if I’m honest, I probably just don’t want to.

I am comfortably in the maroon zone as I can ring some Surprise Minor and Major methods. On the way through I’ve rung in the green, cyan, blue and purple zones.

Last week a few of us were discussing methods we used to ring on a practice night when all the right people turned up. I’ve rung quarters of Superlative Surprise Maximus, Swindon Surprise Royal, Anglia Surprise Royal and London Surprise Royal. At the moment we can just about get through half a course of Cambridge or Yorkshire Surprise Royal.

I would like to get back to ringing other Surprise Royal and Maximus but need the right calibre of ringers to be able to do that. In the meantime I’m quite enjoying a spread of methods well in the maroon zone. A bit beyond Cambridge Surprise Minor and a few different eight bell methods.

Perhaps the definitions between the red and black zones need to be established. I think there’s too much of a gap between them.

The Ringing World produced The Little Purple Ringing Book for those transitioning from the blue to red zone. The ‘purple book’ has been fun to work through with my virtual #bellringing practice on a Thursday evening resulting in some quarter peals with firsts in methods for all.

It would be great if there was a follow up called The Little Maroon Book of Ringing. There’s often an assumption by the time you’ve mastered the red zone you should be competent to move onwards under your own steam. Personally, I’ll take all the help I could get thank you.

Whether Simon Linford’s new book The Core Seven and Beyond is an attempt to fill that gap I’m not sure, I’ve not seen its content. If you’ve seen it, let me know whats in it.


One thought on “I can ring a rainbow

  1. Not seen it either. Mr suggested that it’s not worth us investigating as we’re unlikely to ever ring it in real life. I’m personally not worried about what I can ring but would rather make sure it sounds good 🔔

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