Feeling festive for the weekend

I’m not a fan of Christmas commercialism. There’s too much pressure put into gift buying and overeating and getting together with people to get stupidly drunk in the name of Christmas. But there are certain traditions I do enjoy.

This weekend I’m feeling the festive vibes.

I don’t work Fridays but this week was Disability Awareness week. I’m on the Equality & Diversity networks and my Director is the Chair of the Disability one. We’d planned to do an awareness campaign involving a stand in the Atrium and a drive to enlist more supporters into the network to help support our staff with different abilities. I agreed to go in for a few hours to help with the stand. In the end it was just me and my Director and we had a good chat about all sorts. We managed to get a few more people signed up and a couple of staff with disabilities signed up for the Disability Passport, which will help them and their manager to make suitable adjustments. I felt all warm and fuzzy like you do when you’ve done something good for others.

When I got back home I decided to do an audit of the Christmas presents I’ve already bought. Whilst I was at it I wrapped them too. In the background I’d lit a couple of Christmas candles and was half watching a Christmas film. It was a pretty naff film but at least I didn’t have to concentrate. I made a list of everyone I needed to buy for, what I’d already got and started a shopping list of the missing items.

Saturday is the city Christmas Market so we agreed to take a wander in for a look. I fully intend to purchase whatever takes my fancy without having to justify it to anyone. Don’t care if it’s a bit cheesy or not. I’ll get a few things off my list too.

In the afternoon we have the #bellringing Carol Service so a bit of festive ringing, singing and mince pies. Cards are written ready for distributing, saves on postage!

I decided to dress up a bit sparkly and, dare I say it, very girly. I wore a pink sparkly top with my faux black leather trousers. I even painted my nails pink. The outfit made me feel a bit more festive anyway.

With time owing from Friday and some annual leave I’ve got Monday off work to head to Lakeside to finish the Christmas shopping. That’ll be the last of it. If I don’t get it then, I won’t get it at all.

So this weekend I’m feeling the festive. It won’t last. Next week I’ll be back to bah humbug!


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