5 Ways to raise your conversation vibration

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Do you spend time creating conversations on purpose?  What you talk about in your own mind, and with others, reflects a lot about your life.  Do you spend time talking about your past and problems, or about your dreams and vision?

It is important to create and monitor your conversations on purpose, to avoid stagnant and repetitive conversations.  You can get fixated on what’s happening at a given moment that you forget to think about growth, inspiration, positivity and joyful interactions.

According to podcast fave Tonya Leigh to upgrade the quality of your conversations you need to take risks and be involved in conversations that expand beyond those you usually have.  By committing to elevate the conversations in your own life you can become connected to wonderful people who can give you excellent advice and support.

No matter what you’re currently going through or struggling with you should measure the quality of the conversations you have.  You are the sum of those conversations you have with the people around you.  So when you talk with inspirational people you share your passions, visions, obstacles and solutions, share the struggles but from a place of wanting to be stronger knowing when you’re open you can gain incredible insight.

TL suggested five ways to raise your conversation vibration:

  1. Refuse to get sucked into non-productive conversations.  Others who complain or are negative don’t help those committed to dreams and growth.
  2. Invest in creating a circle of likeminded people.  The return on investment in joining groups can be immense when you are connected to incredible minds and hearts, with others also investing in their personal growth.
  3. Uplevel your virtual conversations.  The internet is full of people who enjoy discussing ideas and solutions. Find them but have some rules around how long you spend on the computer and check in with how you feel about the conversations you join and whether they are draining or supporting you.  Be responsible for the energy you bring to the conversation too.  Curate the conversations you want to have that fill your dreams and excite you.
  4. Find a Bestie who whispers in your ear even if they don’t know you exist.  This could be books, videos, podcasts.  People you’ve never met, or ever likely to, can help inspire and motivate you.  Think about where you are right now and what you’re dreaming about creating and who is having those conversations about it.
  5. Create the conversations you crave, don’t wait for them to happen.  You can change the subject, or leave the room if the conversation is not serving you.  You can bring topics up that you are passionate about. Talk about what went well and what you’re excited about. Surround yourself with people who will help you figure out how to make it work.  Curate conversations about where you want to be and a brighter future.

SL asks that you make a commitment to raising conversation standards and become the person who elevates the conversations that impact you own life and those of the people around you.

Do your conversation represent the person you want to be, your dreams and desires and how you want to be known?

I am rubbish at conversations.  I’m no good at small talk.  I can often go on for too long about something I should have shut up about already, or not expand enough about something that needed more air time.  I don’t really have anyone close that I can have the conversations I want to have about my personal growth without them thinking I’m going cuckoo, having a midlife crisis, or can offer any real constructive support with. 

So I’m stuck with the podcasts (hence the almost daily dose of TL), books and videos.  I’ve found a few social media sites that offer basic level support but it’s all very generic.  I tried reaching out to a couple of former colleagues, who would totally understand it and we all agreed that we’d meet up but when I sent them suggested dates, they never bothered to come back to me, so I guess they weren’t that committed to supporting me after all. 

I’m not at the stage where I want to invest ££s in attending personal development coaching sessions.  I can’t justify the expense in my own mind yet.  I’m sure those who deliver such coaching would tell me that it would be totally worth the investment, and I’m sure I’d get something out of it, but they tend to be very expensive.  Coaching sessions I’ve had in the past haven’t really helped me figure things out.  I’ve spent a lot of time supplying the answers myself instead of getting support on what to work on.  One person just kept telling me to think about what I’d say to someone else, and how she knew I already knew the answers within me.  Simply repeating that didn’t help at all when I wanted practical advice on what to do.

For now I’ll just have to keep having those conversations in my head.


One thought on “5 Ways to raise your conversation vibration

  1. Not sure if it’s possible but can anyone at work direct you towards someone they could recommend. I know it’s probably not your thing but maybe join a club. I know you probably don’t have time. But maybe if you’re going to a club which you enjoy, you’d encounter people who enjoy the same thing as you and then there is common ground for starting a conversation. I try to always remember one snippet that someone mentions once then ask them about it the next time we meet. This helps conversations start. PS. I don’t think you’re cuckoo 😉


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