5 lessons for creating anything you want

Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay

We often learn the hard way how creating something by binging on the process is not sustainable.  For example losing weight quickly through the latest diet fad has that fleeting moment of satisfaction but is soon replaced by dread of putting the weight back on, which often happens when we start to eat normally again.

We need to understand what we really need and my current podcast fave Tonya Leigh offered five life lessons on how to create that:

  1. True pleasure – that’s not stuffing your face until you feel sick, or reaching for the family sized bag of crisps whilst watching a film, justifying it to yourself because you’ve had a long day.  Eat the nice food; drink the good wine but in moderation and with presence.  True pleasure isn’t always easy to achieve but waking up the next day full of excitement and feeling good about yourself is worth it.
  2. Discipline – not to be confused with deprivation.  One chocolate is divine, but the whole box not so much.  When you neglect or abuse something regardless of how good it tastes, it’s no longer pleasurable.  Lack of discipline makes you feel out of control and constantly doubt yourself.  The ultimate discipline is to manage yourself emotionally.  You live life by your desires not fleeting moods.  Listen and understand your feelings to take action towards your desires.
  3. Self-respect – losing weight will not give you self-respect.  Self-respect is how you create what you desire rather than the payoff you get once you’ve reached your goal.  Believe in yourself and think yourself worthy enough to show up for what you say you want.  Care for your life, enjoy it and don’t go crazy with excess.
  4. Slow down – life is not a race.  Joy is not in the next thing, it’s here and now, so don’t miss out on the simple things that happen.  The little details you see when you slow down go unnoticed when you’re full steam ahead.  Make time for these simple pleasures; don’t wait for the “one day”.  Life isn’t going to fall apart and may give you more fulfilment.
  5. Quality choices – study those who have something you want and notice how they do things.  That might be watching how someone selects a perfectly ripe fruit, or the make and texture of an item of clothing.  Rushing through life without pleasure, discipline, self-respect or slowing down ultimately causes you to lower your standards in life, from the food you eat to the people you surround yourself with.

Even when no one else sees you, you see you and with self-respect show up differently in your life.  Bank accounts benefit from understanding what isn’t true pleasure like buying an expensive item when you know your tax return is due. When your mind rushes off, remind yourself there is no hurry, relax, and breathe.  Teach yourself to slow down and your life will speed up in the most beautiful direction.  Surround yourself with people and things you value the most by making more quality choices in everyday decisions.

TL says these lessons impact your body and your life and it’s in the practice of these concepts that your life will change, not just reading about them.


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