When did you last tend to the details?

Ernest Hemmingway said something along the lines of “everyone’s life ends the same way, it’s the detail of how they lived and died that distinguishes one person from another”.  We can be so busy with life, work, college, business, going to the gym, hobbies, trying to change ourselves and the world around us that we can forget what we truly crave, the beauty of what is found in the detail of life.

You guessed it, I’ve been listening to Tonya Leigh (I swear that I’ll change channels soon) again, who suggested that the details can be small, simple things like putting on some lippy, enjoying a good book, or cup of tea, the beauty of fresh flowers, coffee and cake with friends, art, a glass of good wine, enthusiastic conversation about something you’re passionate about, or even quiet time alone.  Beauty is found in the details of how you live, making time for those special moments.

TL offered that whilst its fine to have an eye on the bigger picture, driving ambition and success over time and quality can make us almost afraid to stop and appreciate the simpler things in life, like a beautiful sunset.  We’re often racing around to get the next thing done instead of taking notice of what’s right in front of our eyes.

When we decide to tend to the details of everyday it requires discipline, but can lead to a beautiful life.  We need to break the habit of saying we’ll get round to it one day, or we’re too busy, or it doesn’t really matter. This is something I’m guilty of.  The “I’ll get round to it eventually” and thinking that there’s so much to do and get done that I’m too busy to take time to achieve any of it.  I need to tackle one small detail at a time and before you know it, the rest will follow.  Prime example is that I decided to make my side of the bedroom less industrial.  My bedside table is full of jewellery boxes, glasses cases, old watches I no longer wear and a jumble of stuff.  I got as far as buying myself a statuette (fake bronze but never mind) with the idea of clearing the table of all that stuff and just having a beautiful statuette there, elegant and romantic. 

So far, the statuette has arrived and is still in its box.  I could have made a start on clearing space last weekend but didn’t get round to it, instead I sat reading, or catching up on things having just returned from holiday.  You could argue that sitting reading and catching up on things was tending to some details but it didn’t feel like I’d achieved anything towards my goal.  I need to break that habit of “I’ll get round to it one day” and just do it. 

Taking attention to the details, slowing down and appreciating things, can inspire us and those around us.  People will appreciate the time you offer to truly be with them.

What is the one small detail you’ll tend to this week?


One thought on “When did you last tend to the details?

  1. I’m quite good at this. Especially when on my walks. I’ll watch a leaf fall, or listen to a bird, see the clouds scud across the sky or appreciate the shades of green I might see or colours of flowers on my route


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