Reimagining your vision board

Image by Sh1ra from Pixabay

I’ve not really been one for vision boards.  At least not the physical sort that you cut out images from magazines or pin photos to of places you want to visit, the home you want to create, the relationships you want to have, career goals, health and happiness, what you want to learn etc.  Mine is more of a vague idea or general direction in my head with a To Do List of how I’m going to get there.

According to creating a vision board is a great way to be clear about your goals and dreams and to motivate yourself to bring them about.  Some people even have vision board parties where everyone brings along their pictures and glue sticks and get creative over a bottle of wine.  It is described as a way of putting the law of attraction into practice by creating a powerful visualisation tool that helps you narrow down your desires through making choices.  The law of attraction magnetises and is supposed to attract you to the opportunities you need to turn your dreams into reality.

A vision board can be inspirational and aspirational but it doesn’t offer the knowledge of who to achieve it.  To do that you need to take inspired action. Research things on your board to determine how to make them happen.  The problem with vision boards is they are inanimate objects that have no power.  The power comes from your desire to know which direction to go in.  The main factor in creating your vision is to commit to falling in love with your life right now.

Back to my current podcast fave Tonya Leigh who suggested that what you focus on grows.  When you look for what you love and when you fall in love with what’s happening right now, things get better.

A picture on a vision board can be a catalyst to set things in motion, but it needn’t be a vision board, it could be a picture, or a piece of art, or something around your home or office space that inspires you.

TL suggested that vision boards only worked when you show up and live out that vision.  People talk about their dreams or take classes without ever doing the real work.  They read financial pages but don’t crunch the numbers.  They have a shelf of cook books with beautiful recipes that never get made.  They read fashion blogs but never buy that new outfit.  They attend conferences and retreats but never put what they learned into practice.  Some people create beautiful vision boards but don’t show up for their vision and wonder why nothing has changed.  They expected the vision board to do all the work for them instead of working on their vision.

TL suggested an alternative if you’re frustrated that your vision board isn’t working for you.  Rather than spending hours creating a master collage, use that time to live out your vision.  Put yourself out there and actually do it.

The call to action today is to stop pretending to live out your dreams and make a commitment to show up and live it.


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