Best laid plans give way to better impromptu self care

This weekend was manic. I had three meetings and two lots of #bellringing on Saturday and plans for two lots of #bellringing on Sunday, with report writing and week ahead food prep and housework to cram in.

Saturday, although pretty hectic, was actually quite enjoyable for the most part. It was good to be out ringing in other towers with some people who I’ve only ever met via a Zoom meeting before.

Sunday looked to be a little more disjointed, trying to fit things in and get timings right so that I could do everything I needed to get done and be everywhere I needed to be. However as the morning progressed, one of the ringing events I needed to be at in the evening got cancelled.

This meant that I didn’t need to rush around quite so much to fit the other things in. It also meant that I had some additional time back to do with what I liked.

This sort of change of plan often unsettles me. I have a plan of the day and know what I need to do when but when I’m given back time I then find I don’t know what to do with it, despite having a to do list as long as a toilet roll.

I decided therefore, this reclaimed time I would use for some self care.

I gave my face a scare by putting a clay face mask on, something I haven’t done in ages, possibly even years. I always hide in the bathroom when I do fast masks in fear that C will take the opportunity to take photos of me with a green face and send it round. It meant I could have 10 minutes or so peace.

Then it was nail pampering time. I have a lovely foot balm to rub into tired feet, so I gave them a treat followed by painting toenails and my fingernails ready for the week ahead.

Then it was sit still, quiet and read time. There were mildly annoying sounds from outside but it was lovely to have no sounds from inside the house to shatter the calm.

It being Sunday, C then poured me a glass of Pimms and himself a fruit vodka that he’d been brewing, to top the evening off before we settled for tv viewing.

The only thing I didn’t do was soak in the bath. Lack of bubbles would have made it quite dull I feel. Note to self: get skin friendly bubblebath in for rare occasions.

It must a much needed bit of self pampering and self care ready to take on the week ahead.


One thought on “Best laid plans give way to better impromptu self care

  1. Hope the pampering has set you up for the week. Also off to buy bubble bath today, I try to have at least one good soak a week 🛀


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