How do you impress yourself every day?

When you respect yourself you show up differently.  You are more likely to take actions that align with who you want to be and your goals. My current fave podcast narrator, Tonya Leigh suggested the following ways to work on impressing yourself every day:

  1. Dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful in the body you are blessed with today, not the one you had in your teens, or the work you are working on and promise yourself you will have this time next year;
  2. Work on a project that you have been talking about for a while.  Take small steps and actions towards achieving your dreams;
  3. Eat nourishing foods until you are elegantly satisfied.  Take one less bite, or make a different choice towards healthier options.  Doing this daily adds up over time;
  4. Make your bed every morning.  A freshly made bed shows an elegant woman who completes things and it’s so much nicer to get into a well-made bed at night time;
  5. Move your body.  Even just before bed do some stretches, lunges or a few sit ups.  Don’t go to bed disappointed in yourself for not exercising;
  6. Take deep breaths before you say that thing or take that action.  Be aware of your triggers and make a deliberate choice how to react.

An article by Trent Hamm on suggests shifting your mindset from trying to impress others and consider how you would spend a day where you do nothing to impress others in any way, but do things solely that would make you genuinely proud and happy with the way the day went when you go to bed.

It could be doing something challenging, both in terms of physical but mental stimulation, like reading something that taxes your mind, spending some undistracted quality time with family/friends just because their presence brings value to your life, activities that will benefit your life in the long run more than in the short term.

Hamm suggested that living a life that you are proud of living each and every night will impress others if you genuinely impress yourself because of your behaviours; it would impress others by reflection.  Devoting time and energy to effective ways of impressing yourself and building a genuinely better life, doesn’t need to cost a fortune, just the time and energy to turn your thoughts aware from what other people think of you.  If you centre around becoming the person you want to be rather than trying to be a person you think others would be impressed by, you won’t have to work to impress others any more, they will be impressed by the person you have become.

What can you do to impress yourself today?


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