Be more of you

Have you ever looked at someone else’s life, a celebrity or someone you admire, and wished your life could be more like theirs?

My latest podcast fave, TL, suggests that these people only ever show us the edited highlights.  We don’t see posts about their pile of dirty laundry. They generaly post about things that would inspire or challenge, or something they have learned.

When we think about someone else’s life, consider:

  1. We are all human.  We have off days, rows with family, bigger problems to deal with than we let on to others.
  2. Wanting to be someone else is like saying your own life isn’t good enough.  It is denying how you treat your body and environment and how to make the best with what you have.
  3. Iconic people create their own lives rather than waste time wanting to be someone else.  They decide who they want to be and go and be them.  They know what they value and desire and make choices accordingly.

You can still be inspired by another person’s life.  I am currently enjoying looking at some celeb profiles that are of a similar age to me and seeing how they are in their “down time”.  I know that I’ll never have their lifestyle and resources, but I can be inspired by them to show up a better version of me.  I can emulate their tenacity, elegance and style.

TL encourages us to enjoy our own crazy, beautiful lives and not to ever want to have someone else’s life.  Decide to fully want your own.  Be more of you. I say look within yourself and see what greatness lurks beneath.

I have been guilty of wishing to have someone else’s life, the big house, the fancy car, the luxurious holidays, but then I wouldn’t have what I’ve got.  A loving home, an awesome family, a good job and freedom to make my own choices, when so many around me don’t. I am aspiring to be more elegant and feminine, to change other’s perception of me and my own, to be more educated about the world around me, but I don’t want to be a carbon copy of someone else.  I still want to be me. 


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