Two for the price of one

You may recall a few weeks back my mentioning the purchase of a rather expensive handbag for my brother’s wedding.  I have yet to use it again but will when a suitable time comes.  A subsequent blog went on to lament the silent listening devices as I had mentioned the word handbag and my social media feeds were inundated with images of handbags, designer ones, discounted ones, ones from Milan, Paris and such places. 

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about retiring my everyday handbag.  I have had it for a couple of years now.  The leather strap has started to split, and the sides are showing signs of old age. I am, however, quite particular about handbags.  The size needs to be big enough to get what I need inside, but not too big I have to go fishing for things.  The strap needs to the right length to go over my shoulder but the handles large enough to rest over my arm.  I don’t like too many pockets and it needs to zip up rather than popper up so when I’m out in the city, a passing ruffian can’t dive down it and steal my purse or phone.

I decided today would the ideal opportunity to take a quick visit to our local outlet village.  I haven’t been there for years and associate it with dismal Christmas get togethers (not because of the company but because it was always cold and wet).  I also used to associate it with skinny people as none of the shops seemed to carry stock for anyone bigger than a pencil. 

I had a vision of the bag shop to the left as you go into the village being the place I would find my ideal handbag.  I also had ideas of items to look out for in a couple of particular shops that had been there the last time I visited.

Needless to say, when I arrived the bag shop I had even to C I was going to go in was now a Wildwood restaurant, and the clothes shop I had intended to visit was no longer there and the unit has been split into several smaller units.

I did wander into some exclusive shops and considering this was supposed to be an outlet village where goods are sold at discounted prices, had a nice look around and then left.  It was pleasing to see some familiar shops and I had a look around those and even made a couple of small purchases.  I was starting to wonder if I’d actually find an handbag though. 

I had just sent R a photo of the front of the Lindt shop and the view of the pick and mix, when I noticed a few bags in the window of the Kurt Geiger shop.  I wouldn’t necessarily have gone in there otherwise.

Well, I was suitably impressed.  There was a fabulous array of bags, and all at very reasonable prices.  So much so I ended up buy two.  One black one to replace my everyday bag, and a creamy coloured one for posher going out.  The price of both bags was less that I paid for the bag for my brother’s wedding!

By now I had also received instruction, including photographic support, regarding purchases from the Lindt shop.  We’re going to visit R next week so I can take them down then.  The shop assistant was really helpful as R had identified flavours they shop didn’t have, but apparently some are not available in the UK.

So, a successful shopping trip all round.


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