What to do with leftover buttercream

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

I made my brothers and his wife’s wedding cake and as usual overdid the volume of buttercream used for the crumb coat, adopting the “I’d rather have too much than not enough” mantra.  I now have a tub of vanilla and a tub of chocolate buttercream to use up.  It’s seems such a waste to just throw it away when it tastes so good.

I had been thinking about what I can make to use it up and standard response was to knock out a batch of cupcakes and try different patterns of decoration, just for practice.  Whilst that would do the job and be yummy, with just the two of us at home, that’s rather a lot of cupcakes to eat, although I’m sure there would be some people willing to offer their quality control expertise. So what else can leftover buttercream be used for?  Google time.

The first thing that came up was Leftover Buttercream Cookies by adding an egg and flour, baking powder etc.  I’d never thought about that. 

Other options offered included:

  • grab the tub and a spoon and tuck in.  Tempting, but incredibly sickly.  Buttercream, by nature of the icing sugar in it, is spectacularly sweet (at least I find it so).
  • create fashion cookies.  Use store bought cookies and sandwich two of them together with the buttercream.  That’s possible, but again, sounds quite rich/sweet for me.
  • make cake balls.  This is similar to making the batch of cupcakes.  It would require baking cake, mixing the crumbed cake in with the buttercream, forming in to balls, then covering in chocolate or candy melts.  Too much faffing just for the two of us.
  • use it as an ice cream topping.  Heat it up slightly and pour over ice cream.  Hmmm, not sure about this one.
  • spread it.  Simply spread it on biscuits and cover in sprinkles.  Great activity to do with kids I guess.
  • mix it with cream cheese and use as a dip for seasonal fruit.  That could be nice but without further information on the quantity of buttercream vs cream cheese, it would be case of trial and error until you find a combo that suits.

Of the offered solutions, I think I might try finding a recipe for Leftover Buttercream Cookies.

I have plenty of time this weekend to dedicate to baking and prepping breakfasts and lunches for the weekend ahead.  I shall channel my inner domestic goddess.


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