14 ways to leisurely hustle

Image by lisa runnels from Pixabay

Listening to a podcast on self-image, the narrator offers ideas to help make more time for what’s important, how to cultivate more time and fun in your life for leisure.  In the current busy, busy world sometimes it’s hard to take time out to rejuvenate.  The fourteen ways offered were:

1) focus on today – have a vision for the future but it all comes back to what you do today.  What can you do today that your future self would be proud of?

2) create structure and systems – create space for clarity and focus whilst leaving more time to play.

3) Batch to relax – set times for different tasks like responding to emails, or scheduling personal appointments all on the same day to get them over and done with, have set times to check social media so it doesn’t take over and make you less efficient.

4) Have clear working hours – if you can create your own schedule and be unavailable for socials during working days and unavailable for work during social days.  Make sure you turn off the work you in order to turn on the leisure you.

5) Take proper breaks – whether for lunch or throughout your day take time to refresh.

6) Create a beautiful workspace – organise your space, will it with inspirational items, quotes, pictures, and if appropriate, fresh flowers and luxurious scents and music. It helps lift your mood and makes you more productive.

7) Find your happy place – somewhere to nourish yourself and reset.  Could be a coffee shop, a park bench or a particular space in your home.  Make sure you visit it at least once a week.

8) Stop saying “I don’t have time” and “I’m too busy” – this only creates chaos and scarcity.  You get to choose how to spend your time and prioritise what you want to do.

9) Design your day the night before – review tomorrow’s to do list the night before, get things out ready, get your clothes out the night before.

10) Get your beauty sleep – reclaim your life and get to bed early to maximise rest and recuperation.

11) Make health a priority – often this is the first thing to be neglected when you’re time poor.  Those who work out before work or exercise during the day are more likely to have better general moods.

12) Schedule education time – cultivate a beautiful mind, indulge in art, language, culture.  Schedule time and make sure you show up.

13) Have a non-work passion – makes you more interesting, gives you a creative outlet.

14) Schedule a vacation – stop making excuses, reclaim your power, delight in travel and new experiences, new cultures, take time to rest.  Doesn’t need to be a grand tour, a weekend break is just as valuable.

The idea is not to thrash through all of these all at the same time, but leisurely meander, giving in to your leisure hustle, making time for you.

What is your current leisure hustle?


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