You know when you’ve picked the right guy when…

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Brag alert…

  1. When your Pandora bracelet breaks and within five minutes, he’s temporarily fixed it and ordered you a new one.
  2. He cooks dinner, every night including the weekends.
  3. He does the food shopping and buys you an extra treat.
  4. He carries all the heavy shopping bags and lets you carry the light one.
  5. He makes you bacon butties on a Saturday and gets the crispiness of the bacon just right, every time.
  6. He builds you a specific cupboard, and a shelf in the garage for all the cake making stuff, even though you don’t use them all that often.
  7. He builds you a new desk in the study so that you can work from home as and when and have all these virtual meetings.
  8. He buys you The Little Purple Ringing Book.
  9. He indulges your whim for trying different fruits knowing that if you don’t like them, he’ll have to finish them off.
  10. He books an impromptu outing to the local RHS garden because the weather’s nice and it would be good to get out.
  11. He buys all the fresh ingredients for the green BakedIn box because he’s read the email before you have and gets the stuff in ready so you can bake it as soon as you can.
  12. He books tickets for the cinema just because you’d said that you wanted to see a film.
  13. He’ll ring in virtual #bellringing session and generally call most of the touches, call a quarter peal at the drop of a hat because you decided it would be fun to just ring one because only six people turned up.
  14. He never chastises you for saying or doing something he doesn’t like.
  15. He never complains about the amount of clothes I have in the wardrobe, the airing cupboard and on the armchair.
  16. He brings peppermint and cake / biscuits at 3pm when you’re on a virtual meeting, much to the entertainment of others on the call.
  17. He does the laundry (except the ironing).
  18. He does the gardening because he knows you’re not interested.
  19. He’ll print papers off because he knows you haven’t had a chance to read through them before a meeting.
  20. He changes the bed linen because you don’t like fighting with the duvet cover.
  21. He puts the fan on when you go to bed because you get super hot overnight.
  22. He waters the plants because you keep forgetting and they’ll die otherwise.
  23. He lets you have a sneaky afternoon nap on your non-working days.
  24. He orders the beer and wine deliveries, even when you ask for rose for a change.
  25. He goes out of his way to make your lockdown 50th birthday as special as it could have been under the circumstances.
  26. He lets you buy overly priced flowers from the market stall just because you want something pretty in the house.
  27. He’ll take your clothes back to the shop because you’d ordered one and they told you it couldn’t be delivered so you buy one from the actual shop then the ordered one turns up.
  28. He’ll take your parcels for your family members to the post office or DPD depot, with a pre-printed postage labels.
  29. He rips the bathroom suite out, re plasters the walls, moves the light fitting, installs a new bath suite, lays a new floor, which you’ve picked out, tiles the walls with the tiles you’ve picked out.
  30. He orders a new front door, measures everything precisely, and removed the old one, and the surrounds, installs the new door, concretes the lintel, inserts the new fittings, then puts up the slate house number you’ve had since you last visited a Welsh slate mine.
  31. He gets the front driveway re-laid because you moaned that it didn’t look nice with the shiny new front door.
  32. He books a hotel for a post covid holiday based on where you said you wanted to go.
  33. He can pretty much turn his hand to anything.
  34. He’s awesome.

2 thoughts on “You know when you’ve picked the right guy when…

  1. He most certainly is. Well done Mr C 👏👍 Like mine, he’ll probably be totally embarrassed with you bragging about it. But the world needs to know how awesome they are and how much they’re appreciated 💕


  2. So nicely said. You are lucky to have a guy like Colin, but then he is also very lucky to have you! I, too, feel very fortunate to have Bruce – we complement each other so well. Stay safe and healthy.


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