Finding a kindred spirit

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I was reading an article about Saira Khan, star of the 2005 series of The Apprentice and later Loose Women presenter, wellness fanatic and entrepreneur about how she felt that life was started at 50, breaking barriers and being her authentic self. Whilst there are obvious differences, like the fact she has a £2.3m house in Oxfordshire, she looks amazing and has an evolving business, the difference seems she seems content not to have to prove herself anymore.

We do both seem to have taken the opportunity of turning 50 to have a time of reflection and taking stock of where we are in life and what we want for ourselves, rather than for others. In her words “I can’t please everybody and I don’t want to please everybody”.  She clearly has an advantage over me in that she can afford to do what she wants, work how and when she wants and can afford all the niceties money can buy. However its not money, prestige or fame she’s interested in, rather not doing things she’s no longer happy doing, and looking after herself mentally and physically.

It seems that she had to work hard to get it and due to her upbringing created a persona of being loud, opinionated and assertive.  She felt that she had to be that way in order to break down religious, familial and workplace barriers.  She is clearly a confident person and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.  I can identify with some of the issues she faced and some of the ways she has responded and how others perceived her.

Obviously she was taking part in a photo shoot and interview so of course she was made to look glamorous, but it was her words that resonated most with me in expressing herself and what she wants personally.  Like me, she wants others to see that there is another side to her.  She’s not opinionated all the time.  She’s not shouty all the time.  She’s not assertive all the time.

Whilst I am fundamentally an introvert, there are groups of people who don’t see me that way.  They see me as assertive, firm, judgemental and not afraid to say what I think. Mostly, that’s so far from reality.  I don’t say half the things I think, or feel and sometimes that’s the right thing, but then I don’t say half the things I probably need to to the people who need to hear them.  I struggle with decisions in certain circumstances.  I need a level of validation and confirmation that I’m doing the right thing.  I try to do what’s right for everyone else sometimes to the detriment of what’s right for me.

Turning 50 has given me that opportunity to re-evaluate what I want for me, where I want to be in the next 5-10 years’ time, how I want to be comfortable in my own skin.  As I said before, I have considered things that I did in my younger days and let go for one reason or another, and reawakened what I had then that I want to return to now. It’s been quite liberating reinventing myself, although not everything I did 30 years ago I could get away with now. 


One thought on “Finding a kindred spirit

  1. Where do you find out about these people? A quick Google search (Wikipedia) doesn’t give too much information about her


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