Where’s my head at?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Technically, it’s at the top of my body. It supports my face and is maintained by the skull, which itself encloses the brain. Although having a brain is debatable at the moment.

I drove home from work and instead of plugging my phone into the car, connecting by Bluetooth to listen to a podcast, I simply turned the engine on and drove off.  By the time I had realised that there was no sound, as I didn’t have the radio on either, I was almost home so it wasn’t worth trying to put some music or anything else on at that point. I don’t recall consciously thinking about anything in particular, in fact of anything at all, on the journey home.  There was just nothingness.

Later in the evening I hosted a virtual #bellringing session in Ringing Room and kept zoning out.  As I was ringing, I would suddenly find myself adrift and then snapping back in to place, but not without causing some mayhem along the way.  Needless to say, for a number of reasons, including my head being somewhere else, it wasn’t the most successful of ringing sessions I’ve had of late.

I have lots of things going on at work and deadlines to meet for various tasks, which in itself is fine, that’s just business as usual. I’m not concerned about any of it and it’s all on track.  Things in #bellringing world are ticking along, again nothing overly demanding at the moment, little pockets of things to do. It’s not like I’m overloaded or worried about anything, so my brain isn’t about to go in to melt down.

I have found lately the idle time I have during the evenings, (rare thought that is) when I would usually play a game on my tablet, or read articles, or google stuff, has been filled with a sort of “meh”, can’t be botheredness.  It’s like I can’t be bothered to play the game because it’s no longer interesting, or a waste of time.  I can’t think of what to google so end up staring at the empty search bar not even being able to think of a word or phrase to type in.  To be honest, I’ve struggled a bit over the last few days to find anything to write this blog about, hence they’ve probably been a bit shorter than usually, and this one is total and utter codswallop.

I don’t know whether I need an injection of energy, or the opposite, whether I need to give my brain and body a rest.  For now, I’ll settle for the immortal words of Basement Jaxx:

Where’s your head at (Where your head at)
Where’s your head at (Where your head at)
Drozze it


2 thoughts on “Where’s my head at?

  1. Oh dear. Maybe you’ve finally reached Covid burnout and need something exciting to look forward to. Maybe then your brain will be excited and start firing on all cylinders again 🤷‍♀️🤯


  2. I think sometimes our brains just tell us they need a bit of time out. Don’t give yourself a hard time, I’m sure it will pass.


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