Attractive to bug bites

Well at least I’m attractive to something!

About three years ago, when visiting my sister, I suddenly became very shivery, tired and generally lethargic. The following day I had extremely itchy skin. So much so I just wanted to rip my skin off.

This went of for many days until my manager at the time insisted that I went to see some colleagues in dermatology to get something for the itching. They were very kind and gave me steroid creams to help with the itching and inflammation. It helped on a temporary basis but the unknown cause just didn’t seem to abate.

Fast forward two years of this and my GP eventually sends me to a specialist who basically diagnosed chronic urticaria with demographism. Essentially no one knew how it started what caused it, how to deal with it and how to cure it. “Maybe it’ll go away eventually”.

This is still going on and I take a daily dose of dihydrochloride and if I have a bad attack have to take double rations.

Since all this started I have become more susceptible to insect bites getting super infected. Something that never really happened previously.

A couple of summers ago whilst on holiday I got bitten by something just above my eye which swelled up like someone had punched me in the face. I ended up going to Boots and getting some stronger tablets.

Last week I was bitten by something on the side of my calf whilst out for my lunchtime walk. I didn’t really notice until late Friday when it really started to itch.

By Saturday my whole lower calf and ankle had ballooned. Everytime I walked it really hurt the calf muscle. I could see that the toxins had spread down my lower leg and around my ankle. In an effort not to amputate my own lower leg I took a triple dose of tablets which I’m not supposed to do really but it helped a bit.

Sunday, after a night’s rest it seemed much calmer. I walked to ringing and back by which time my ankle had swollen up a bit but not as much as the previous day. My calf muscle was still painful when I walked but not as bad as it was.

In another day or so it should have all gone down, if not I’ll have to get it looked at properly in case I need some antibiotics. I’ve tried to Google what kind of bite it may have been but it doesn’t look like any of the pictures.

For now I’ll just keep taking the pills.


One thought on “Attractive to bug bites

  1. Be careful because I believe it might be tick season which can cause limes disease. As you know I’m allergic to mosquito bites. I’ve now learnt to take a daily B1 supplement which is supposed to put them off and I take a daily antihistamine as a prevention (also keeps hay-fever at bay) for the few main months of the summer.

    I hope your leg is better today?


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