What to do when you can’t do what you intended to?

Those that know me well enough, know what the answer to that is.

We had booked tickets to visit our local RHS garden on Friday afternoon.  I had been looking forward to it for a few days.  The weather had been lovely all week and although it was due to be slightly cooler that was no bad thing.  However, things took a sudden turn.

Watching the weather forecast over the previous couple of days it started to become apparent that Friday’s weather was not going to be conducive to a lovely wander around the rose beds. In fact by Friday morning, the forecast promised thunderstorms and heavy rain all afternoon.

Always the optimists, we decided to leave making a final decision until lunchtime on Friday, who knows, the forecast has been known to be wrong, or it might suddenly brighten up. We didn’t really want to take the risk of being out in the open air should there be a sudden downpour and thunder and lightening (very, very frightening!). It was still quite warm and neither of us really fancied being trussed up in our raincoats getting hot and sweaty.  So, lovely afternoon walk cancelled.

What to do instead?

The previous morning, the lovely green baking box from BakedIn had arrived.  Seemed like the ideal opportunity to bake instead.  This month’s cake of choice was a chocolate ganache covered swiss roll.  I’ve only ever made swiss roll from scratch once, maybe twice before.  Always considered it a bit fiddly. 

Anyway, chocolate sponge baked, house smelling of chocolate (mmmmmmmmmm!!) Sponge rolled. Buttercream whipped, added some coffee to make it mocha flavoured.  Unroll sponge, spread buttercream, reroll sponge.  Then wait until completely cooled down before coating in chocolate ganache and drizzle with white chocolate. 

How we didn’t scoff the whole thing in one sitting, I’ll never know.

When I can’t do what I wanted or intended, I do the next best thing.  Bake.


One thought on “What to do when you can’t do what you intended to?

  1. Always a silver lining. Hopefully you’ll be able to walk some other time this weekend and get a trip to the RHS garden soon


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