How it feels to let someone else make decisions for you

I recently bit the bullet and signed up to one of those online personal shopper sites in an attempt to revitalise my wardrobe from fusty versions of black.  I dutifully filled in all the questions about my age, outfit preferences, activities, and what I wanted to get out of a personal shopper that I didn’t think I currently had for my clothes.  The good news is I’m not stuck with it, I only signed up for the “occasional” offer, rather than once a month or once a quarter. I wanted to see what someone else would come up with first before committing any further.

I placed an order at the beginning of the month and off it went.  It says to allow 14 days for your personal shopper to select and send outfits for you.  So far, my order has been acknowledged. It took nearly 2 weeks for the status to change to “Your Personal Shopper is preparing your outfits”.  That was 6 days ago. 

Checking the tracking status of the order, it was confirmed receipt of by the delivery company on 9th June, was in transit on 10th June and now on 14th June is in transit again.  So the delivery company have had it nearly a week as well. There is currently no sign of the package being “out for delivery”.

I am obviously intrigued to find out what someone else, who doesn’t know me at all has selected for me and whether or not I would keep or return the items, but if its going to take this long every time, I’m not sure it will be worth the wait.

Someone else will consider what I might like, will source it and ship it, so I don’t need to go to the shops, wander around looking for things, queue up and pay then take it all home. It will be interesting to see how they interpret my style.

Sizes may also be an issue. Depending on the make of garment the same size could either fit or cut off circulation. I have quite long legs so getting trousers the right length is always an issue.

Letting someone else made decisions for me has been quite liberating although I’m anxious about what might turn up. I’m not usually goid with letting someone else make decisions on my behalf.


One thought on “How it feels to let someone else make decisions for you

  1. Luckily you’ve not committed too much, it seems a bit too long in my opinion.

    Not sure I’d trust someone else to decide on my style but as you say, it may be a pleasant surprise and they may have a refreshing idea

    Let us know the outcome when and if it arrives 😀


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